Systems Engineering Group



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eric Sax

Research Focuses

  • Processes and methods from "agil" to "V" for the design of Embedded Systems and System-Networks
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of Embedded Electronic Systems, especially advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Graphical tools and executable specifications
  • Safe and secure SW-architectures and EE-topologies
  • Big Data Analysis - Anomaly detection and data evaluation in the (commercial) vehicle



Pilot test for an urban test field for automated and connected vehicles in the north of Munich

Project TEMPUS
H2 Rhein-Neckar

The project aims to enable the practical use of zero-emission vehicles.

Project H2 Rhein-Neckar
U-Shift II - Demonstrator

An "on-the-road" modular vehicle demonstrator consisting of a U-shaped driveboard for highly flexible capsule exchange and capsules for the transport of persons and goods.

Project U-Shift II -

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