Telemetry Modules

ITIV Telemetry Platform: Telemetry Modules



At the ITIV, several telemetry modules for different tasks and environments have been developed based on the Bluetooth™ wireless communication standard. The modules can be used for the development of novel sensors with great demands on computing power. Furthermore they can be used to easily upgrade of existing sensors with Bluetooth™ technology satisfying the requirements on extremely small size, low energy consumption and variable data transfer rate.
Selection criteria for the modules are: size , energy consumption and computing power .



Telemetry Modules


Blues Board I:

  • moderate energy consumption
  • moderate computing power
  • medium to high rates
  • modular concept with sensor electronics on 2nd PCB
  • ideal for development of novel sensors

Blues Board Micro:

  • compact design
  • minimal energy consumption
  • low to medium data rates
  • single-chip solutions possible
  • ideal for upgrade of existing sensors with low to medium data rates

Blues Board III

  • moderate energy consumption
  • high data rate 
  • high computing power
  • ideal for development of novel sensors as well as for upgrading of existing sensors with high data rate and data processing

Blues Board Wearable

  • flexible & integrated
  • moderate computing power
  • moderate size
  • high computing power 
  • platform for wearable systems




Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork