Bluetooth EKGBluetooth™ ECG - Mobile Capturing of ECG-Measurements



Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most frequent types of illness. Only in Germany every year 350.000 patients die as result of a cardiac infarction. A mobile ECG system that monitors the cardiac activity of the patients during their everyday life can significantly improve their quality of life. Permanent monitoring provides a feeling of safety, because there will be an immediate alarm in case of an accident. Furthermore, a long-term monitoring facilitates the capturing of sporadic events and therefore is an important contribution for the improvement of the therapy and, consequently, for the health of the patients.



Monitoring of Cardiovascular Patients

Only through long-term monitoring many cardiovascular diseases are precisely diagnosable. Our long-term ECG-system is very small and compact, which enables a comfortable and discrete wearing for the patients. The connection of the system to an electronic patient file also makes the visit to a physician for delivering the captured data unnecessary. In the case of an emergency all data is immediately accessible, which helps an emergency doctor to introduce the right procedure.
There are various possibilities for the application of our system. Additionally to the application on the patient at home, it is also possible to monitor high risk patients in a hospital (e.g. before a heart surgery), without restriction of mobility.



Notfall EKG


Besides the long-term monitoring of cardiovascular patients, our system can also be used as pure emergency ECG. In the case of a cardiovascular emergency, the system can be applied by the patient him-/herself or by another person. Through a Bluetooth interface, the ECG connects to a mobile phone which automatically creates a connection to an emergency-centre. The data is then analyzed by an expert, who gives further advices by phone.




Technical Specifications

Operating Time: 24 hours
Transmission Technology: Bluetooth™
Data transfer rate: up to 721 kbps
ECG-Chanels: 3
ECG-Sampling Rate: 500 Hz
ECG-Sampling:  24 bit