Pervasive Healthcare

Pervasive Computing meets Medical Science

Pervasive Computing - the synonym for how latest trends in information technology are more an more affecting one’s everyday life in all conceivable spheres. In this context special emphasis is to be put on the dramatic evolution of the Internet and the rapid spreading and acceptance of mobile communication, which allows an almost ubiquitous access to information resources. With a little delay parts of these new technologies found their way into Telemedicine such as the synthesis of mobile telemonitoring systems or internet-based data exchange between medical information systems. The application of these technologies in the healthcare sector - Pervasive Healthcare - is constantly being scrutinized and promoted in the course of Telemedicine projects at ITIV.



Key Technologies and Concepts

At present we at ITIV are already employing key technologies besides the Internet and mobile communication, which will lead to drastic technological changes in the future. These key technologies comprise various mobile information tools such as so-called “Smartphones”, spontaneous networking of mobile devices via Ad-hoc-Networks (Bluetooth™) and comprehensive communication standards (Web Services) as well as the development of easy-to-use, context-sensitive applications and the integration of information technology in clothing (“Smart clothes ”) and everyday essentials.

The application of these technologies in medical technology presents a great challenge not only concerning technical complexity. Easy handling - especially for the elderly, the compliance of safety and privacy regulations and last but not least economic efficiency are major factors to be guaranteed.



Applications in Telemedicine

Digital Health Card, Inter-institutional Electronic Patient File , Personal Health Assistant ,   Health Shirt – Pervasive Healthcare applications are manifold. With ITIV’s mobile Telemonitoring Platform we demonstrate how efficient and comprehensive Vital-Monitoring can be in the near future. Given our broad experience with the implementation of new technologies in innovative applications we are your perfect contact when it comes to complex design and development projects not only in the medical technology field.




Personal Health Monitor (PHMon)
Therapie chronischer Schmerzen (TCS)



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork