Telecommunication and Information Technologies

From short distance (Body Area Network), via local access points, all the way to global communication, via internet: wireless data communication technologies are the future. No matter if using Bluetooth™, WLAN, GSM/UMTS or proprietary technologies in the ISM band: we are developing and using communication solutions for various applications especially in the field of medical technologies. Wireless communication enables the use of life saving monitoring devices directly at the patients' home or even on their own body, integrated into their clothes.

In this medical environment security and reliability are of great importance. Hence authentification and encryption are also obligatory in embedded communication systems. When required, modern PKI (Public-Key-Infrastructure ) based on smart card technology is used.

As important as secure data transmission is data processing. For this field of application we use our profound expertise for developing powerful, embedded signal processing systems and complex, internet based data base systems. One emphasis of our work is the realization of innovative mobile information applications which can be realized, for example, on smart phones or on personal digital assistants (PDA).

Using our rapid prototyping tools and our test laboratories we are able to bring system concepts all the way to prototypes in short time, e.g. to evaluate new application ideas. Hence the ITIV is an ideal partner for industrial research and development projects.





Personal Health Monitor (PHMon)
Therapie chronischer Schmerzen (TCS)



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork