Mixed-Signal Laboratory

The Laboratory - Modular & Flexible

The mixed signal laboratory of the institute is a state of the art modular measurement system . All components can be interfaced and combined via a network to a complex virtual instrument that meets the specifications of each task. The automation is done by the graphic programming language LabVIEW™. In this way various measurement tasks can be realized efficiently. The ITIV research group has a profound knowledge in the field of instrumentation and automation of such measurement systems. The data processing, analysis as well as reports and presentation are also done at the institute.

Our very extensive collection of measurement devices covers the folowing fields:

  • digital electronics
  • analogue electronics
  • optics
  • image processing
  • acoustics
  • data analysis

A detailed list of the available components can be found in the Mixed Signal Lab Online Help (only German version available).



Services  = Competent Realization

During our research and development projects as well as for special customized instrumentation tasks from industry various measurement tasks have been realized and validated. The most flexible mixed signal lab in combination with the excellent expertise of the institute enables us to realize individual measurement solutions in short time for industry.
Especially in the field of validation of optical properties of components as well as measurements and certification, the lab is used frequently by industry clients.