Bluetooth Sensors

ITIV Telemetry Platform: Bluetooth™ Sensors



Various medical sensors with telematic interface have been implemented during the previous work project of the group. There are two different types of sensors: sensors which have been developed completely at the ITIV and other standard sensors which have been upgraded with the Bluetooth™ technology. Using our telemetry modules the upgrading process is very easy. Certain standard Bluetooth™ devices can be integrated into our telemetry platform.



Sensors developed at the ITIV

Bluetooth™ ECG

  • 24bit, 500kHz
  • event triggered or continuous data transmission to the electronic patient file
  • integration using Blues Board I

ECG Shirt

  • example for Smart Clothes
  • flexible und washable
  • integration using Blues Board Wearable

Blood Pressure Monitor (continuously)

  • continuous & stressless blood pressure monitor without the inconvenient cuff
  • measurement by analysing pulse transit time
  • integration with Blues Board I

Context Sensor

  • acquires the situation context of the user
  • 3D acceleration meter
  • 3d-Beschleunigungsmessung, +/- 2g 
  • temperature
  • noise level 
  • light intensity and type (day light or artificial light)
  • integration with Blues Board I



Upgraded Off-the-shelf Sensors


  • portables table top system 
  • data transfer automatically or initiated by user
  • integration using Blues Board Micro

Peak Flow Meter

  • handheld peak flow meter
  • data transfer initiated by user
  • data transfer to the base station or through SMS via a cellular phone  
  • integration using Blues Board Micro


  • scales with integrated BodyMassIndex (BMI) calculation
  • automatic data transfer after each measurement
  • data transfer to base station or via SMS mobile phone
  • integration using Blues Board Micro

Blood Pressure Meter (oscillometric)

  • mobile blood pressure meter
  • oscillometric measurement principle
  • automatic data transfer after each measurement
  • integration using Blues Board Micro



Integrated Bluetooth™-Sensoren

Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • wireless miniaturized GPS™ receiver
  • standard integrated Bluetooth™ link 
  • Example for easy integration of standard Bluetooth™  devices





Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork