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The Institut fuer Technik der Informationsverarbeitung (ITIV) is one of the seventeen laboratories of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology of the KIT.  

The institute concentrates - in research and teachings - on methods and computer aided tools for the design of electronic systems and microsystems.

The ITIV is managed in collegial responsibility by


Hands-on science - or: How does software control hardware?

On May 24, 2023, students of the IMP profile subject in grades 9 and 10 at the St.-Dominikus-Gymnasium were given an insight into how a microprocessor works by Dr.-Ing. Tanja Harbaum. The students followed the explanations with keen interest to learn how a "NAND gate" for the logic operation "not a and b at the same time" can be built from two transistors, which then serves as the basis for circuits for all other logic operations.

Link to the report on the school website:
New cooperation with the Carl-Engler-Schule in Karlsruhe for successful career orientation

Prof. Eric Sax has signed a cooperation agreement together with the principal Mrs. Zimmer and Mrs. Höninger from department 76 of the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe to inspire young people already at their school for a technically oriented study. Visits of lectures and internships at the institute will give insights into everyday student life and an overview of possible study contents.

In addition, KIT holds annual information events at the Carl-Engler-Schule, where young people can ask specific questions about their personal study plans.

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Automated city buses - for the future of urban mobility

On 24.05.23, the kick-off for the new research project MINGA (MINGA = Munich's Automated Local Transport with Ridepooling, Solobus and Bus-Platoons) took place in Munich at the Stadtwerke.

Around a dozen project partners (including KIT with the Institute for Information Processing Technology) and four associated partners from administration, research, business, and industry are working in six work packages on, among other things, the integration of automated vehicles into the existing mobility ecosystem, on-demand services, automated bus line operation, and the simulation of automated local public transport.

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Xandar Professor Becker.
From Cloud to Edge to IoT in Brussels

As part of the European project XANDAR, researchers from ITIV participated in the “Concertation and Consultation on Computing Continuum” organized by DG Connect and the EUCloudEdgeIoT initiative from May 10 to May 11. During the two-day event, Prof. Jürgen Becker and Tobias Dörr presented success stories from XANDAR and shared the consortium's recommendations for future research on cloud, edge, and IoT computing.

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Guided tour of the institute and soldering workshop - activities to get to know and participate in

Interested visitors came to the Campus Day at KIT for a taster session or with specific questions about their studies. During the institute tour at ITIV, the demonstrators in the foyer were the main focus - in the soldering workshop, the participants could make their first experiences in handling soldering stations and printed circuit boards and take home the circuits they had built themselves.

Campus day on 13.05.2023

Some already know in elementary school what they want to study one day, for most of them it is still a big open question around the Abi. To make the decision a little easier, about 100 study programs of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will be presented at the Campus Day on May 13. With guided tours, question rounds, and a lot of information, the KIT faculties as well as university groups and student councils will present themselves from 10 a.m. on.

Advice is also available for bachelor graduates who are interested in a master's degree. A live program on the Campus Day stage and food trucks will provide variety. We are currently busy organizing and look forward to many prospective students!

More info about the program:
Junge Talente Wissenschaft und Musik
Young talents - Science meets music on May 21, 2023

Here, cutting-edge research at KIT, presented in a popular scientific way, meets young talents from the environment of the Karlsruhe University of Music. The event series offers comprehensible lectures on current research of young scientists at KIT. Afterwards, young musicians perform a concert program, mostly chamber music.

The programs are curated and organized by the KIT Event Management in cooperation with the Förderverein für Kunst, Medien und Wissenschaft e.V.. Since 2022, the KIT Freundeskreis und Fördergesellschaft e.V. has also been involved. Occasionally, short art tours to one of the numerous artworks in front of or inside KIT buildings are also offered by KIT art curator Andrea Stengel shortly before the event begins.

On the part of ITIV, Moritz Zink will give a scientific lecture entitled "Automated Public Transport - from the Niche into the World".

Link to event page:
CeCas Projektkaptn – stock.adobe.com, KIT
Mobility: High-performance computers control cars of the future

The highly automated and networked vehicles of the future will need powerful computer systems that perform sophisticated calculations and process huge amounts of data. For this purpose, 30 partners from industry and research are developing suitable processors, interfaces, and system architectures in the CeCaS project. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is involved in the project coordinated by Infineon with two institutes (ITIV and ITEC-CES). The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding CeCaS within the MANNHEIM initiative.

Link to the KIT press release
BNS 1 Bruchsal
Visit of the 11th grade of the Balthasar-Neumann-School 1 from Bruchsal

During a guided tour of the institute, the young people were given information about IT1 and IT2. With a presentation by Prof. Eric Sax and the presentation of the project demonstrators in the workshop, they were able to gain further impressions of the everyday life of studies and the institute in the field of "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" before they concluded the day in the refectory.

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TEMPUS HannovermesseITIV
Mit dem Projekt TEMPUS auf der Hannovermesse

Die Doktoranden aus der Gruppe von Prof. Eric Sax, Jacqueline Henle (FZI), David Kraus (ITIV) und Hubert Padusinski (FZI), erläutern u.a. Prof. Hanselka und Volker Wissing, Bundesminister für Digitales und Verkehr, den Demonstrator des TEMPUS-Projektes, in dem es am ITIV um Konzeptionierung, Implementierung und Evaluation der Fahrfunktionen für ein automatisiertes Platooning von E Bussen im ÖPNV geht. Das ausgestellte Modell mit realistischen städtischen Umgebungssituationen veranschaulicht die Herausforderungen des Bus-Platoonings.

Link zum Projekt auf der Hannovermesse
ITIV congratulates Victor Hugo Betancourt on passing his doctoral examination

We congratulate Victor Hugo Betancourt from Prof. Becker's group on successfully completing his PhD thesis “Task allocation for efficient edge computing systems”. In his work, an efficient allocation method was developed which realizes a combined consideration of resource availability and application demand to compute automatically a reallocation at runtime. For this purpose, the allocation problem is modeled at development time and the information is used at runtime. The special focus is on the allocation due to changes during operation.

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Important date change!

Please note: the first lecture HSO (LVNr.: 2311619 "Hardware synthesis and optimization") on 17.04.2023 will take place in room 339 of ITIV (Geb. 30.10).

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Wichtige Terminänderung!

Congratulations on the award "Preis für Exzellente Lehre"

We congratulate Florian Schade, Christian Maximilian Karle and Iris Walter (from left to right) for this year's KIT Faculty Teaching Award (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology).

At yesterday's annual celebration in the Audimax, Prof. Wanner (right) presented them with the certificates as an award for the outstanding course "Laboratory Circuit Design", which will start again in the next winter semester.


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jugend forscht wettbewerb
Prize winners of the 58th Jugend forscht state competition win invitation to a 3-day research internship at ITIV

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important. Photovoltaic systems in particular play an important role here. Stefanie Eski (17), Florian Brütsch (17) and Babett Ludwig (17) have also recognized this. The three have developed a system to make the entire energy of the plant usable even in the case of shading or pollution. They have now received an award for their commitment and met Prof. Eric Sax at the presentation of their project "Photovoltaics on fire!". They will participate in a 3-day research internship at ITIV in June.

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