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The Institut fuer Technik der Informationsverarbeitung (ITIV) is one of the seventeen laboratories of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology of the KIT.  

The institute concentrates - in research and teachings - on methods and computer aided tools for the design of electronic systems and microsystems.

The ITIV is managed in collegial responsibility by


Making ofITIV
"𝗖𝗹𝗮𝗽!" "𝗔𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻." "𝗖𝘂𝘁."

At ITIV, the shooting of instructional videos for the Digital Hardware Design Laboratory with VHDL crash course is just starting.
A first impression of the "making of" can be found in the video on Youtube.

Video auf Youtube
The ITIV team at the HiPEAC 2023 conference in Toulouse

From Jan. 16-18, 2023, an ITIV team of Prof. Becker participated in this year's HiPEAC conference in Toulouse, the premier European forum for experts in the field of computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for general purpose, embedded and cyber-physical systems. 

The conference featured a workshop hosted by the XANDAR project, "XANDAR and Beyond: X-by-Construction (XbC) in the Design of Safety-Critical Systems." 

Besides, the conference was a great success for Fabian Lesniak, who won the Best Paper Award of the RAPIDO workshop with his paper "Non-intrusive runtime monitoring for manycore prototypes". Congratulations!

Link to the conference website
Korea Delegation BesuchITIV
ITIV team welcomes Korean delegation

Prof. Jeong-A Lee from the Department of Computer Engineering at CSU (Chosun University, Gwangju/Korea) visited the institute together with the president of GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea), Prof. Kiseon Kim, to discuss potential future research and exchange cooperations for students (e.g. in the form of a summer school). In this context, interesting discussions also took place with Oliver Schmidt, the head of "International Cooperations and Projects" at KIT.

After the presentation of the institute with various demonstrator presentations and the joint lunch, the participants went to the FZI Research Center for Information Technology to present ongoing AI projects.

SkizzeDaimler Truck AG
Project ELCH: the way to a modular e-drive for coaches

The aim of the Electrified Coach project - abbreviated to ELCH - is to develop a modular powertrain including two emission-free and practical demonstration vehicles over the next four years. These will then be tested under real operating conditions.

Link to the project
Parking without driver

Drive into the parking garage, get out and let the vehicle park itself using an app - this is now possible in Stuttgart. The world's first driverless parking system is to be followed by other parking garages.

Today, Prof. Eric Sax was a virtual guest on ZDF's Morgenmagazin. In the film clip, he points out weaknesses and future development potential in the field of autonomous driving.

Link to the video report in ZDF
Kooperation BNS1 UnterzeichnungDavid Heger
Successful advertising for young talent at schools

Last Friday, the cooperation agreement between ITIV and the Balthasar-Neumann-Schule 1 in Bruchsal - represented by the principal Frank Heusch - was signed in the presence of district administrator Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel.

Prior to the signing, Prof. Eric Sax gave a lecture on the study of electrical engineering and information technology at KIT as well as on the research fields at the institute. The ITIV team discussed the studies with the interested and highly motivated students and answered questions. In addition, a research demonstrator on the topic of "Automotive OTA updates" was presented.

And in the evening, there was a film report on Baden-TV about this all-around successful event.

Link zum Filmbeitrag auf Baden TV
TEMPUS DemonstratorMVG
Another milestone in the TEMPUS project

On the occasion of the opening of the Munich Moosach depot, Nicole Kechler and Prof. Sax from ITIV presented the TEMPUS demonstrator. KIT contributes to the project by designing the concepts for platooning of city buses and developing corresponding algorithms for automation.

In platooning, several vehicles drive in close succession by means of electronic control. These columns can be adapted at will to the respective demand.

The new bus depot is intended to create the prerequisite for complete electrification of the Munich bus fleet.

Link to the official press release
.Patrick Rebling / HKA
ITIV congratulates Marcel Rumez on passing his doctoral exam

Congratulations to Marcel Rumez from Prof. Sax's PhD group for his successful dissertation entitled "Absicherung von Diagnosefunktionen in E/E-Fahrzeugarchitekturen durch verteilte Zugriffskontrolle und Anomalieerkennung". Congratulations!

Link zum Beitrag auf Linkedin
Prof. Sax beim Vortrag zum StudieninformationstagITIV
Study information day with lively attendance at ITIV

Prospective students from all over Baden Württemberg (especially from Central Baden), who want to orient themselves and decide on a field of study, were also guests at ITIV today as part of the study information day.
There were 10 times as many young people as expected, spontaneously the guided tours were divided and the lectures were repeated several times. Prof. Eric Sax on the question of how far information technology influences our areas of life and what professional opportunities it offers: "Those who manage to interpret the large amounts of data that are currently being generated and will be generated in the future in a value-creating way will be able to set the right course for the future in the areas of climate, mobility, health and energy."

We still have student places available for the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program and welcome all applications for the coming semesters.

Link to info page
Xandar Projektmeeting KIT.
A lot of movement in the XANDAR project

After a successful special session titled „XANDAR: X-by-Construction Architecture for Safety Critical Systems” at the IEEE SOCC 2022 in September, the XANDAR project meeting was held at KIT in mid-October. This second major face-to-face meeting of the XANDAR consortium was attended by 23 participants in person or virtually. The project partners used the opportunity of the three-day event to present the results of their work and to discuss future directions. They are looking forward to the next meeting, which is scheduled for early 2023.

Link to the project
New Project at the Institute: AutoDevSafeOps - Integrated Development and Operation of Safe Automotive Systems

Digitalization in vehicles represents an important innovation driver with high economic significance for Germany as a business location. The implementation of highly automated and autonomous driving functions results in high requirements for the verification of safety properties of these systems. 

The AutoDevSafeOps project will provide an important building block for modular updates of safety-critical driving functions - a key technology that transcends previous system boundaries and thus holds high strategic importance for the competitiveness and innovation dynamics of Germany as a high-tech location.

Link to the project
Cooperation with the information technology high school (TGI) at the BNS 1 in Bruchsal

Cooperation with the information technology high school (TGI) at the BNS 1 in Bruchsal
On November 25, the Institut fuer Technik der Informationsverarbeitung (ITIV) and the Bruchsal Technical High School will agree on a comprehensive cooperation, the aim of which is to familiarize the learners of the main subject information technology with the study contents of computer science courses at an early stage. In addition, enthusiasm for topics such as information processing, artificial intelligence, software and hardware applications, and for KIT as a place of study is to be aroused. Mutual visits for information and study orientation are planned as well as internship offers for learners of grade 1 and the possibility to complete vacation jobs at ITIV. 
We are looking forward to the cooperation with Frank Heusch (OStD), principal of Balthasar-Neumann-Schule 1 Bruchsal, and his team.

Link to BNS1 in Bruchsal
The Circuit Design Laboratory (CDL) at ITIV - Teaching with Practical Relevance

From 22.09.2022 to 21.10.2022, the circuit design laboratory took place at ITIV as a block practical course. From the idea to the finished circuit board, students designed a complex robot system in teamwork: from the creation of the circuit diagram to the circuit board layout to the test drive with the robot. In addition to circuit technology, basic methods and skills for creating layouts were taught and the required basic circuits were discussed. This enabled the participants to build and test the designed circuits in real life. Events that combine theory and practice are definitely very well received by the students.

More information
.Wolfgang Babel
New lecture "System integration and communication structures in Industrie 4.0 and IoT"

A new lecture "System Integration and Communication Structures in Industry 4.0 and IoT" will start at ITIV on Tuesday, Tues 25 Oct 2022. 
The lecture describes the milestones of automation from the beginning of Ethernet and fieldbus system developments as well as the emergence of the OSI model and the automation pyramid. It provides a focus on the development of field devices and automation components in the context of the influence of electronics, µ-controller- DSP, FPGA, multi-core processor and chip-on-bond developments as well as software and algorithms.
The lecturer is Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Babel, a double doctor of electrical engineering, who has been familiar with international automation for 40 years and has helped to shape the experience in 5 automation technology groups.

Link to the lecture
KIHT project coordination

From 18.10.2022 to 19.10.2022 the annual meeting for the project cooperation "KIHT" (Kaligo-based Intelligent Handwriting Teacher) took place at the institute. For the coordination of the development of an intelligent writing device for automated handwriting, the project partners from Stabilo, IRISA and Learn&Go met with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Becker and Dr.-Ing. Tanja Harbaum from ITIV for a lively exchange of the first project results, which look promising.

Link to the project