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Telemonitoring - Opportunities for Diagnosis and Therapy

Telemetric monitoring of vital parameters has a high potential on improving the medical supply of patients and to reduce costs in health care .

Especially with the introduction of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) telemetric monitoring becomes more important: surveillance of risk patient groups in a stationary clinic environment could be reduced to a minimum by home-monitoring. Thus costs can be reduced while additionally improving the patients' quality of life. In the case of long term treatment of patients home-monitoring helps to improve and control their therapy. Due to active incorporation into health management and interactivity of the patient, a significant improvement of compliance is expected. With the integration of telemonitoring data into an internet based electronic patient record , a direct surveillance of therapy by the respective MD is possible. Also, an internet based patient record allows an automated documentation of the medical history, necessary for instance of disease management programs.



Personal Health Monitoring (PHM) - Concepts and Technology for Telemonitoring Applications


Besides the sensor systems, telemetry is a main issue for telemetric monitoring. Our telemetry platform enables the extensive surveillance of the patients' health condition while maintaining the complete mobility of the patient. This functionality can only be achieved through the interaction of intercommunicating components (sensors, base station, and central database). In our systems, the communication is totally implemented to be wireless: the Body Area Network (BAN) is connecting the sensors which the patient is wearing, medical devices located in close proximity to the patient, and the central database, at any time. Individual configuration of this network is done automatically, without interaction of the patient.



The Personal Health Assistant (PHA)


A central element of the telemetric monitoring platform is the personal health assistant, currently realized either as a smart phone or as a PDA (personal digital assistant). It is used as a user interface for the patient, configures the wearable sensors, analyzes the acquired vital parameters, and informs the patient of critical health situations or system errors. Via a mobile phone communication link it is connected with a central electronic patient record or with the service center of a medical service provider. Measured signals may be examined by doctors on certain occasion and actions may be started, as for example an automated alert of the rescue service including the localization of the patient.



Wireless Sensor Systems - Local Intelligence

Sensors with local data processing and integrated ability to wireless communicate build the base for a simple telemetric monitoring system.

Together with the telemetry platform, they are able to pre-process the measurement signals and wirelessly transmit them: by using short messaging service (SMS), to their personal health assistant, or directly via the internet into the patients' health record.
A collection of smart sensors is already incorporated into our telemetry platform (multi-channel ECG, blood pressure, pulsoximeter device, asthma monitoring, and electronic scale). Furthermore, others are planned to be integrated. Additionally, we support the integration of our technology into sensors of other companies. By incorporating different sensors, it is possible to build a Personal Health Monitoring System personalized to each patient.



Internet based Electronic Patient Record – the central database

The internet based electronic patient file enables an easy and secure exchange of data between patient, the MD, and an cooperating clinic. It supports an efficient and integrated health care . The electronic record includes all the relevant health parameters of a patient , which are hence centrally saved and accessible for individuals participating in the health care process: the GP, the medical specialist, the clinical staff, and of course the patient itself.

By implementing telemetry the relevant data is just a mouse click away. Standard medical documents, laboratory data, DICOM images, or various acquired signals may be all save into the file and are accessible with a standard web browser.




Personal Health Monitor (PHMon)
Therapie chronischer Schmerzen (TCS)



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