From research to business practice - and back again. Successful start-ups and innovations at ITIV establish the exchange between science and business:

Inventife (spin-off 2022)

Inventife is the first company in the world to enable automation in the smart home based on the behavior or condition of the occupants.
With the help of a room sensor, state-of-the-art algorithms and artificial intelligence, it is possible to recognize the physical condition of people. This can then be used to trigger automations or alarms.
Further information can be found at: https://inventife.com

Metis Neurotec (spin-off 2021)

Metis Neurotec aims to detect dementia at an early stage in order to prevent irreversible damage. Metis Neurotec's AI-supported platform (app and QEEG) enables doctors to detect cognitive impairment in patients quickly and on an outpatient basis, for example to detect and treat Alzheimer's disease at an early stage.
Further information can be found at: https://metisneurotec.com

apic.ai (spin-off 2018)

Apic.ai is working on a solution to a threatening ecological development: bee mortality.

Depending on the type of agriculture, between 15 and 20 percent of production depends on pollination by bees. If bees die out, the world is threatened with famine and serious damage to nature, as the losses would have to be compensated for by more agriculture.

The company apic.ai saves bees with artificial intelligence. The team uses intelligent software and neural networks to make beekeepers' work easier and thus help bee colonies. To this end, the founders have developed a system that visually records bees as they arrive and leave their hives. The generated image data is then evaluated by software with the help of learning algorithms.
Further information can be found at: http://apic.ai


auvisus (spin-off 2018)

Two billion meals are collected manually every year in company restaurants in Germany. This not only leads to long waiting times for diners, but also causes high costs for the operators. A solution must and can be found for communal catering that both saves on personnel costs and enables higher turnover at peak times.

auvisus uses artificial intelligence in image processing to automate the checkout process. The tray is placed under the camera, the algorithm recognizes and classifies the dishes on the tray and payment can be fully automated.
Further information can be found at: www.auvisus.com
To the movie about auvisus: https://www.kit.edu/kassensystem

emmtrix (spin-off 2016)

emmtrix Technologies GmbH develops software tools that significantly simplify and optimize the programming of multi-core processors in embedded systems (e.g. driver assistance systems).

For the spin-off, emmtrix has received "EXIST-Forschungstransfer" funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.
Further information can be found at: www.emmtrix.com


easier Life (spin-off 2013)

easierLife is a system for friends and families who are concerned about their elderly relatives or acquaintances and want to be sure that their loved ones are doing well. Sensors in the home detect movement and lifestyle habits. They can receive information about their well-being on their smartphone at any time and be notified of any irregularities.
Further information at www.easierlife.de

corvolution (spin-off 2012)

corvolution GmbH i. G. is a start-up from the KIT and is funded by EXIST Forschungstransfer. The three founders of corvolution have been researching body-oriented and ergonomic vital data sensors for over 8 years.

In the DekomTex project, the founders realized a world first: an ECG belt that can be used to derive a multi-channel ECG on heart failure patients, which meets very high diagnostic requirements in terms of signal quality and at the same time offers the wearer an important high level of comfort.

Vision from corvolution is the clinical thermometer for the ECG. In other words, a system that can be used by laypersons for medical evaluation of the heart rhythm without contact with a doctor in the home environment.
Further information can be found at www.corvolution.com


RESTUBE (spin-off 2012)

The startup RESTUBE was founded in 2012 by two graduate mechanical engineers and water sports enthusiasts from Karlsruhe. While kitesurfing on the open sea, a dicey situation arose in which Christopher Fuhrhop wished he had a small, lightweight, personal water rescue device.

A quick pull on the trigger and the Restube life buoy inflates to its full size in a matter of seconds. The completely new safety product not only inspires water sports enthusiasts all over the world, but also the high-caliber jury of experts for the German Founder Award.

Restube GmbH was awarded the 2015 German Founder Award in the "StartUp" category in Berlin. The business idea of Christopher Fuhrhop, a mechanical engineer from Pforzheim and founder of Restube GmbH, thus prevailed against a broad field of applicants from Germany.
Further information can be found at www.restube.eu
Press release on the awarding of the German start-up prize to RESTUBE (pdf)


nubedian (spin-off 2011)


nubedian GmbH is an award-winning software and service company that offers various software solutions for the social and healthcare sector. The documentation solutions save you valuable time when creating statistics and documentation. You can invest this newly gained time in your actual core task of advising and supporting those seeking advice and assistance.
Further information at www.nubedian.de

movisens (spin-off 2009)

movisens offers world-leading solutions for ambulatory assessment and mobile monitoring.

The product portfolio includes innovative and mobile psycho-physiological sensor systems for recording ECG, physical activity and electrodermal activity, suitable software for data analysis and the cloud-based experience sampling platform movisensXS. Furthermore, movisens is an expert in the field of stress/lifestyle monitoring and analysis.
Further information can be found at www.movisens.com


aquintos (spin-off 2004)

aquintos GmbH has been wholly owned by Vector Informatik GmbH since May 2010. Following the successful integration of PREEvision into the Vector product portfolio, aquintos was merged with Vector in spring 2012.
Vector supports manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry and related sectors with a professional and open platform of tools, software components and services for the development of embedded systems.
Further information can be found at www.aquintos.com and www.vector.com


ELOVIS (spin-off 1996)

ELOVIS GmbH develops, produces and markets electronic and optical measuring systems for industry. ELOVIS products are used for the precise and long-term stable measurement, transmission and recording of productivity, quality and process parameters. The focus is on systems for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement as well as systems for wireless measurement data acquisition. Measurement and calibration services for length measurement and speed measurement round off the range.
Further information can be found at www.elovis.de