Seminar Eingebettete Systeme


siehe Instituts-Aushang, Geb. 30.10, Raum 339

Seminar: Eingebettete Systeme

Technological developments in recent years have led to a rapid increase in the importance of embedded systems. Electronic systems and microsystems are ubiquitous and strongly interconnected, so much so that today we are already talking about the "Internet of Things" and "Cyber Physical Systems". The challenges that developers of embedded systems have to face have become much more complex. They span the use of diverse system architectures and target platforms such as microcontrollers, DSPs, ASICs, FPGAs. Network technologies and the integration into a working system, the mapping and partitioning of functionalities to such heterogeneous systems are another important aspect.

Similar challenges arise for the design of optical systems such as novel 3D scanners that create a virtual image of the environment. These systems are based on the technology of micromirrors which are gaining more and more importance in various fields (e.g. in laser projectors, fundus cameras, retina displays). By exploiting further optical effects, these mirrors can also be used for other measurement tasks. This results in a multitude of new applications which in turn lead to new scenarios of laser protection. This is relevant for the market introduction of such novel optical technologies.

In the course of the seminar, the students will practice the preparation of studies on delimited and also interdisciplinary topics from the field of embedded systems and microsystems or optical systems. At the end of the seminar, students will submit a 4-page written paper in the form of an "extended abstract" in IEEE paper format and present the results in a plenary talk of about 20 minutes.
The ability to perform such tasks is nowadays expected from an engineer as a matter of course. The seminar imparts the procedures of an independent and goal-oriented introduction, analysis, summary and didactically effective presentation of a current application- and research-specific contribution, which is also frequently required in the industrial environment.

A selection of topics arising from ongoing research projects at ITIV will be presented in the preliminary discussion of the seminar.