Labor Schaltungsdesign


Blockveranstaltung von 22.09.2022 - 21.10.2022, Poolraum 216 des ITIV

Labor Schaltungsdesign


Due to the corona situation, it is currently not possible to guarantee whether and with what restrictions the circuit design laboratory can be carried out this year. We are trying to make the event possible, but in doing so we are guided by the dynamically changing legal and regulatory situation and want to keep the health risk for everyone as low as possible. Therefore, the registration and the information given here are subject to cancellation or changes. We will keep registered participants informed of updates via email and the course page as much as possible.


Basic knowledge of electronic circuits (e.g. LEN, course code 23256, ES, course code 23655 and EMS, course code 23307)


The laboratory provides knowledge and skills required to design electronic circuits that can be used as interface between microcontrollers/FPGAs and sensors/actuators. At the end of the laboratory the participants are able to select electronic parts for a given problem by means of relevant criteria. They are able to combine them into elementary modules and finally to a working overall system. Besides the circuit design also basic methods and skills for PCB layouts are introduced. Further the participants learn to assemble and test the designed circuits in reality.

Course contents:

The course is a three-week block laboratory. The aim of the laboratory is the development and construction of the entire electronics for operating a robot vehicle.
First, frequently required basic circuits are discussed in a lecture-like part. Subsequently, several teams of two create individual circuit components, which are finally assembled and tested to form the overall system.

Registration procedure:

Since the practical course "Laboratory Circuit Design" enjoyed a great demand in the past, but the places are limited, a new prioritization or selection procedure has been developed.
The individual steps are as follows:

  1. Interested students register for the exam by 08/15/2022 (via campus portal) and are thus automatically on the waiting list.
  2. On 08/16/2022, the waiting list will be evaluated. The available places will be allocated according to the remaining duration of study with regard to the standard period of study.
  3. Participants will be notified after the waiting list has been evaluated.
    1. If the place is accepted, you will be admitted to the exam and enrolled in the Ilias course, where further information will be announced.
    2. If the place is not accepted, substitutes from the waiting list will be notified.