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Seminar Creating a Patent Specification

Seminar Creating a Patent Specification
type: Seminar (S) links:
semester: SS 2019

17:30 - 19:00
30.10 Nachrichtentechnik-Hörsaal (NTI)
30.10 Nachrichtentechnik, Institutsgebäude

start: Vorbesprechung: 08.05.2019, 17:30-19:00 Uhr

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork

sws: 2
lv-no.: 2311633

Die Anmeldung erfolgt nach der Vorbesprechung am 08.05.2019 über CAS Campus.

Notess. Inst.-Anschlag

Seminar Creating a Patent Specification


  • This course adresses to students with more than 4 semesters
  • Fun with new ideas



To pen a written patent application.



The course is dedicated for students, who want to learn how to invent and how to apply for a patent. In the first hours the basics of the patent rules for german, european and world patents are introduced. Then some methods for inventing are discussed and exercised in a brain storming process. After finding some ideas the students search in CD and Internet patent data basis trying to find out whether the idea is new or not. If the idea seems to be new, the students are writing patent applications to the german patent office.



Die Folien zum Seminar finden sich hier. Das Kennwort zur Einschreibung wird in der Veranstaltung bekanntgegeben.