M. Sc. Julia Hofmann

  • Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)
    Haid- und Neu-Str. 10 - 14
    76131 Karlsruhe


Sensor Orientation and 3D Reconstruction

The determination of sensor orientation with simultaneous 3D reconstruction enables the analysis of multi-view sensor data. Stereo images are used to generate a 3D model from 2D image data. In medical technology, this can be used to extend the field of vision of a surgeon during an operation or to enable a guided system. With a volume comparison, it can be ensured that tissue was completely removed during surgery.

Artificial Intelligence

The powerful tools that Deep Learning techniques offer in the field of medical imaging can increase clinical outcomes in image diagnostics. They are used to diagnose diseases, predict potential disease progression, and even optimize hospital procedures. Compared to traditional imaging methods, AI-based techniques often offer the advantage that their execution speed enables real-time analysis. However, access to suitable and labeled data sets is a major challenge in the use of artificial intelligence in the field of medical technology.

Image Processing

Imaging systems use digital image processing for medical diagnostics. Feature extraction, segmentation, classification and measurement are used to extract further information from the image data, which is made available to surgeons through suitable data visualization. In this way, a database can be created for further medical care that cannot be achieved merely by the eye.