M. Sc. Jacqueline Henle

  • Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)
    Außenstelle Berlin 


Development of flexible software architectures

Classical vehicle architectures are characterized by tightly coupled hardware and software components. The need to enable flexible evolution to achieve safety, digital sustainability, and user-specific diversification requires the development of dynamic E/E architectures. In this environment, we at ITIV and FZI are researching service-oriented architectures and their development in the area of tension between standardization and innovation.

Management of Over The Air (OTA) software updates.

The possibility of developing wireless software updates for vehicles and transferring them to vehicle fleets enables new revenue potential for manufacturers and the continuous adaptation of a vehicle to user requirements. In addition, security gaps or inadequacies in software components can be remedied promptly and flexibly. The development of software update packages is a challenge that requires adapted development, approval and deployment processes. At ITIV and FZI, we research and work on such processes and methods that enable data-based, secure and flexible OTA updates.


Cross-lifecycle continuous process models

The need to continuously update and extend digital functions over the vehicle lifecycle requires an overarching perspective on the vehicle usage period. In order to establish flexible, agile development processes, new requirements arise for their modeling. In order to gain a comprehensive perspective on architectures, systems and networking in this context, we are researching precisely fitting metamodels and reference processes for the existing challenges.