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Laser Doppler Velocimeter



For industrial applications the high prescision, non-contact measurement of length without worn-out of the measurement device is very important. Typical applications are tailoring of band materials like foils or fabrics. The common measurement devices used until now, like wheels in combination with incremental encoders, do not completely meet these demands. Hence together with industry partners the ITIV developed a robust compact optical sensor which meets these requirements.





The functional principle of the sensor is the Laser Doppler Velocimetry . Using two laser beams a line pattern is projected onto the media to-be measured. Due to the movement of the scattering surface the reflected light on the detector will be intensity modulated. The frequency of the modulation is proportional to the velocity of the scattering surface. This way no special marks or additional components in contact with the surface have to be used. The scattered light is analyzed by a high computing power digital signal processor (DSP) system. Using this high computing power system the actual velocity as well as the precise length can be calculated.





In close collaboration with our industry partners the ITIV could bring the measurement system all the way from research validation down to the market. The system has been successfully launched world wide and is the only comparable commercial device being PDB-Certified . Currently the second generation sensor being even smaller and faster is under development.
This project is a good example of the know-how transfer from university institutes to industry and shows that the ITIV is an ideal a competent partner for industry research and development projects.





Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork