Optical Instrumentation

Research  & Development

In the field of optical instrumentation the group is working since many years on realizing various measurement tasks. Innovative optical sensor principles have been implemented in various projects. Developments have been brought to the market in close collaboration with industry partners.
A typical example for such product-oriented research and development task is the Laser Doppler Velocimeter designed at the institute. The system is currently a very successful commercial product on the international market.


Instrumentation  & Services

As result from our research and development projects as well as from special customized instrumentation tasks from industry various measurement tasks have been realized and validated. To realize measurement tasks the Mixed-Signal Laboratory of the institute is used. Here an extensive collection of measurement devices from the fields of analogue electronics, digital electronics, optics and acoustics can be used. All components can be connected via network which allows the creation of complex modular measurement systems optimized for the special requirements of the measurement task.

Especially in the field of validating the properties of optical components the group conducts analysis and certification for industry partners. A good example for such instrumentation services is the validation of monofocal and bifocal intraocular lenses and contact lenses (according to EN/IOS 11979). For this task a special PSF/MTF measurement system has been developed which is able to measure and validate multifocal optical components, an advantage compared to other commercial systems.



Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Wilhelm Stork