Successful final meeting in the PARFAIT II project

The meeting was an important milestone as it summarized the scientific progress made by the various disciplines

The last meeting of the PARFAIT II project took place on May 24, 2024. The project partners came together to discuss the progress of the project and prepare the joint final report. Not only were the technical aspects discussed, but also the possibilities for further cooperation.

The meeting was an important milestone, as it summarized the scientific progress made by the various specialist areas:

  • Our institute ITIV dealt intensively with the application of RFETs for the realization of energy-saving FPGA architectures.
  • The experts from IES (Integrated Electronic Systems) at TU Darmstadt were responsible for the simulation of RFET circuits, the development of corresponding compact models and circuit development.
  • NaMLab gGmbH, a subsidiary of TU Dresden and other project partners, developed RFET technologies, manufactured RFETs and carried out measurements on temperature behavior.

The meeting was productive and focused. Ideas were exchanged, simulation results presented and technical challenges discussed. The RFET technology proved to be extremely interesting and showed promising applicability and potential in FPGAs.

In addition to numerous publications already published, more are planned beyond the end of the project. An exciting continuation of the cooperation between the project partners is also planned for the future outside of the research project.