METIS NEUROTEC - With AI against dementia

METIS NEUROTEC - With AI against dementia



In Germany, 300,000 people are newly diagnosed with dementia every year. Currently, it does not look like there will be a miracle pill against it any time soon. The most promising approach to treating dementia is currently the so-called "risk factor treatment". This relies on improving the patient's state of health in a holistic but also precise and goal-oriented way.

Digital tools such as AI, apps and wearables must be used to enable such treatment in the field. We are currently looking for comrades-in-arms in the fight against dementia.

Possible fields of activity

  • Medical technology software development
  • Artificial intelligence and statistics
  • Integration of wearables and smart devices
  • Support of (medical) studies

What you should bring with you

  • A lot of motivation and the will to make a difference
  • Experience in relevant technologies is an advantage, but can also be worked out in the project
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