Communication Systems and Protocols

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Communication Systems and Protocols

Qualification goals

The participants will be able to name basic procedures and methods for the development and operation of electronic communication systems. They can identify and apply these in current communication systems. Boundary conditions of such systems can be recognized and their relevance for a given problem can be evaluated. be evaluated. The students are able to design a communication system under given boundary conditions and specifications. communication system under given boundary conditions and specifications. They select suitable procedures, methods, components and subsystems. selected.


In the lecture the physical and technical basics for the design and construction of communication systems are introduced. Based on this, procedures, methods and technical implementations for communication between electronic devices are developed. This includes modulation methods, signal representation, synchronization mechanisms, error correction mechanisms, multiple use of communication channels, access to communication communication media, as well as procedures for access control, communication flow and topologies of communication systems. The application of the lecture contents in real systems is demonstrated on the basis of selected practical examples. demonstrated.




Knowledge of the basics from the lecture "Digital Technology" (course no. 2311615) is helpful.