In the field of biomedical technologies the group is working in close collaboration with various research and industry partners in the field of ophthalmology. Emphasis of the research and development projects is biomedical sensors as well as the design and testing of optical components especially for ophthalmology.
The group has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of instrumentation, analysis and quality testing which is frequently requested by industry and research partners.  



Optic Design


Optic Design considering the special limitations for applications related to the human eye is one key competence of the group. Typical example of development in this field is the design of an ultra thin intra ocular lense (IOL) which has become a successful product sold internationally and which was developed and optimized in close cooperation between our industry partner and us.
The group is an ideal partner for design tasks not only in the field of ophthalmology, but also for tasks concerning especially diffractive and multi focal designs.



Ophthalmologic Sensors & Implants

The group has a profound knowledge in the field of biomedical sensor technologies especially in the field of ophthalmology. Examples of research and development projects in this field of expertise are intra ocular vision aid (IOS), glucose monitoring and glaucoma diagnosis. Extensive experience makes the group a competent partner for research and development projects. Within this field of application the group has several successfull developments which have been brought to readiness for the market.



Laboratory & Certification


In the optics laboratory of the institute complex measurement tasks can be realized. Examples for such systems is the realization of a measurement set-up for quality testing of imaging properties of optical components or the validation of components regarding medical and technical standards and guidelines.
To meet customers' measurement requirements we can develop customized measurement systems . An example for such customized development is the MTF system which determines the imaging quality of bifocal intra ocular lenses as well as of bifocal contact lenses, frequently used by the industry. The ability to measure multifocal components is a big advantage compared to other instruments on the market. 




Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilhelm Stork