Actively shaping AI teaching

Actively shaping AI teaching



Actively shaping teaching at KIT and learning AI at the same time? This is exactly the opportunity offered by the HiWi position at ITIV. We are looking for committed students who want to actively shape teaching at ITIV and at the same time deepen their knowledge in the field of AI. In this exciting position, you will develop a learning unit on AI topics in Ilias and create descriptive and interactive learning materials. Your work will be actively used by other students and thus contribute to shaping teaching in the field of AI at KIT in a future-oriented way.


Within the HiWi position, the focus is on the conception and creation of learning materials for the learning unit "AI in the Learning Management System Ilias". The tasks include

  • Conception and creation of learning materials
    • Writing clear and comprehensible scripts
    • Production of clear and instructive videos
    • Developing practical exercises
  • Integration of existing materials
    • Integration of existing slides from lectures or other sources
    • Integration of Jupyter notebooks to try out code examples
  • Creation of interactive elements
    • Developing quiz questions to check learning progress
    • Creating multiple-choice tasks to test knowledge in a fun way


  • Programming skills (e.g. Python, Java)
  • Experience with the learning management system Ilias
  • Very good written and spoken German skills
  • High motivation and ability to work independently