M. Sc. Nahid Mohammadi

  • Engesserstr. 5

    76131 Karlsruhe

M. Sc. Nahid Mohammadi


  • PhD candidate at ITIV since November 2021
  • Master of Information and Communication at KIT
    • Graduated in June 2021
    • Master Thesis: "Improving User Experience and User Interface by Designing an Optimized Model for Convoaid App"
  • Candidate of the first batch of Student Innovation Lab at KIT
    • Created the Convoaid App prototype in a team
    • Won the 3 awards of SIL, "Best Product", "Best Presentation", "Darling of the Public"
  • Worked as a Scrum Master as a student job at I.C.I.S
  • Worked at a Telecommunication company in UAE as a network engineer  
  • Bachelor of Communication Engineering at United Arab Emirates University, UAE
    • Graduated in July 2015
    • Bachelor Thesis: "Monitoring Aquaponics Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks"
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