Campus Day at KIT - Get to know the research university on site

What comes after the Abitur? Perhaps a degree course, but what subject?
Campustag ITIV

At the KIT Campus Day, interested visitors came to get a taste of the university or with specific questions about studying.

The ITIV soldering workshop at the Ehrenhof invited visitors to join in. Participants were able to gain their first experience of working with soldering stations and circuit boards and take the circuits they had built home with them. One student remarked in surprise: "I actually thought it would be much harder."

Prof. Eric Sax was also available to answer questions about studying and choosing a career and was able to get the young people interested in the department. This is how you attract the young talent of tomorrow!

The next KIT Campus Day will take place on May 17, 2025 as part of the Open Day at Campus South. Prospective students can get to know not only the KIT study programs, but also other offers and student initiatives in the context of lectures, hands-on activities and guided tours.