Redesign of a hardware platform for internship use

Redesign of a hardware platform for internship use



The internships at ITIV have so far been based on the TivSeg hardware platform. This platform is now obsolete and will be replaced by a robot. The content of all ITIV internships will continue to be realizable on the new platform. In a first step, the platform is to be prototypically redesigned for use in the IT1 practical course and controlled by means of the familiar TI microcontrollers.


      The task includes the following topics:

      • Familiarization into the new HW platform
      • Development of a modified concept for the IT1 internship on the new platform
      • Implementation of the basic control of the hardware (motors etc.) with the help of the TI microcontroller
      • Prototypical implementation of a further function for the robot (for example line guidance)


      • High self-motivation, programming knowledge in C++, knowledge in dealing with microcontrollers