Na Shen, M. Sc.

  • Engesserstr. 5
    76131 Karlsruhe

M. Sc. Na Shen

Curriculum vitae

  • Master's degree in Mechatronics and Information Technology at KIT
  • Employee at ITIV since May 2019


Research topic "Automatic assembly and disassembly of sensor nodes on power poles".

PrognoNetz project

The strong expansion of renewable energies (wind energy in northern Germany and photovoltaics in the south), together with increased international electricity trading, is already pushing electricity transmission grids to their limits. In contrast, the need for new lines can be significantly reduced through effective measures to make better use of the existing grids. Depending on weather conditions (ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction), for example, the transmission capacity can be significantly increased compared to the conservative provisions of the relevant standard.
However, the development of an area-wide meteorological network, which is located sufficiently close to the overhead lines and records the weather conditions there using intelligent sensor nodes, results in a great deal of time and expense. A simpler and faster installation approach is being developed for the PrognoNetz, whereby the sensor nodes are automatically installed and removed from the electricity pylons using unmanned aerial vehicles. This method also enables camera-based inspection of the pylon structure, connections, insulators and conductor cables without the need for climbing.
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Supervised completed student projects

  • MA: “Construction and 3D shape optimization of sensor mounting bracket using multi-objective Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network”
  • MA: „Design, Simulation and Construction of Weather Station Release and Retrieve System for Drone“
  • MA: “Detection and Pose Estimation of the Mounting Position for Weather Stations using Stereo Camera”
  • MA: “Design, Simulation and Construction of Lightweight Bracket for Sensor-station mounted on Electricity Tower with Self-adjustment Functions”
  • BA: “Entwicklung einer Smart-Gesichtsschutzmaske mit aktiver Lüftung (Development of an Smart-Facial-Mask with Active Airation)”



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Conference Papers
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Conference Papers
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