Anomaly detection in chaotic energy systems

  • Subject:Machine Learning, Data Science
  • Type:Bachelorarbeit
  • Date:ab 03 / 2024
  • Tutor:

    M. Sc. Markus Lehner

Anomaly detection in chaotic energy systems



Are you ready to revolutionize the energy future in developing countries? Do you want to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies in chaotic energy systems? Then read on!

Project overview

In the midst of the energy transition, developing countries are facing a critical challenge: ensuring a reliable power supply for businesses and citizens. But here's the kicker - the current energy system resembles a tangled grid that has yet to realize its full potential. Imagine a chaotic dance of electrons that you won't find in the well-organized grids of Europe.

Your mission

As a student, your mission is crystal clear: discover anomalies in these chaotic energy systems. Your tool? State-of-the-art AI models!


  • Development and implementation of advanced AI models to detect anomalies in chaotic energy systems
  • Extension of the existing simulator
  • Generation of data with different disturbances
  • Analysis of the data sets for detection / localization of the disturbances
  • Application of the trained AI models to real chaotic energy systems (from our Ethiopia project)


  • Motivation and interest in solving technical problems independently
  • Interest in electronics and data science
  • Experience with programming (Python)
  • Initial experience with ML/AI