CI/CD Pipeline for Robotics Services

CI/CD Pipeline for Robotics Services



Modern embedded systems include more and more IT. As a result, technologies such as service-oriented architectures and update capability are widely used and require efficient software development, testing and deployment of services. Modern CI/CD processes provide a remedy for faster time-to-market, fewer errors and better collaboration between development and operations. The realization of CI/CD includes version control systems, automated testing and deployment strategies to bring the services to the hardware.


  • Research and implement CI/CD pipeline
  • Identify relevant tools and best practices for CI/CD
  • Review metrics to describe the success of the pipelines
  • Customize the CI/CD pipeline for the robotics area
  • Possibly create unit tests


  • Interest in CI/CD tools, including Docker and GitLab CI/CD
  • Programming knowledge in C++ is an advantage (for reading code fragments)