Florian Schade, M.Sc.

Florian Schade, M.Sc.

  • Engesserstr. 5
    76131 Karlsruhe

Research interests

Hypervisor-based software architectures for efficient mixed-criticality systems

Increasingly powerful processing platforms are leading to more centralized controller architectures in networked embedded systems as found in cars, aircraft or industrial production systems. Software-driven functions formerly realized on distributed processing units are integrated on few powerful machines. Hypervisors support this integration by managing the machine’s resources and isolating applications. However, In the context of safety and real-time systems, an efficient integration of mixed-critical software is difficult. Therefore, we research architectures and mechanisms to increase the efficiency of such platforms while still maintaining safety and timing guarantees.

Data processing in future industrial production systems

Future industrial production systems lead to new challenges concerning data processing and machine control. Focusing on flexibility and efficiency, KIT investigates a production system concept based on collaborating robots executing different manufacturing steps. During production robots exchange tools and switch between standalone and collaborative mode. An efficient control and data processing system is needed to orchestrate control and data processing software execution within a network of processing units, providing processing power as needed by the production system and ensuring real-time processing where necessary.

Student works to be assigned

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Supervised student works (selection)

  • MA: „Architecture for the Integration of Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators in Hypervisor-based Edge Devices“
  • BA: „Development of a Resource Management Module for XEN Hypervisor Guest System Management“
  • BA: „Automated Job Deployment for Reconfigurable Industry 4.0 Production Systems in Additive Manufacturing“
  • MA: „Embedded Hypervisor Monitoring Using CPU Trace Information“
  • BA: „Design of a Monitoring System for Hypervisor-Based Multiprocessor SoCs“


Journal Articles
Mechatronic Coupling System for Cooperative Manufacturing with Industrial Robots
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Conference Papers
Automatic Deployment of Embedded Real-Time Software Systems to Hypervisor-Managed Platforms
Schade, F.; Dörr, T.; Ahlbrecht, A.; Janson, V.; Durak, U.; Becker, J.
2024. 2023 26th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD), Golem, 6th - 8th September 2023, 436 – 443, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/DSD60849.2023.00067
Journal Articles
Modular Hardware/Software Architecture for Edge Units in Highly Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Schade, F.; Kreutzer, M.; Mühlbeier, E.; Gerlitz, E.; Gönnheimer, P.; Fleischer, J.; Becker, J.
2023. Procedia CIRP, 120, 601–606. doi:10.1016/j.procir.2023.09.045
Conference Papers
Pattern-Based Information Flow Control for Safety-Critical On-Chip Systems
Dörr, T.; Schade, F.; Becker, J.
2023. Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security. Ed.: J. Guiochet, 181–195, Springer Nature Switzerland. doi:10.1007/978-3-031-40923-3_14
Tutorial: Simulation-based development of networked avionics systems using the XANDAR toolchain
Dörr, T.; Schade, F.; Ahlbrecht, A.
2023, June 7. 4th Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things (CPS&IoT 2023), Budva, Montenegro, June 6–10, 2023
Journal Articles
Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for Adaptive Sensor Integration in Highly Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Schade, F.; Karle, C.; Mühlbeier, E.; Gönnheimer, P.; Fleischer, J.; Becker, J.
2022. Procedia CIRP, 107, 1311–1316. doi:10.1016/j.procir.2022.05.150
Conference Papers
Safety by Construction: Pattern-Based Application of Safety Mechanisms in XANDAR
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A Behavior Specification and Simulation Methodology for Embedded Real-Time Software
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Using Trace Data for Run-Time Optimization of Parallel Execution in Real-Time Multi-Core Systems
Schade, F.; Sandmann, T.; Becker, J.; Theiling, H.
2022. 2022 IEEE 28th International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA), Taipei, Taiwan, 23-25 August 2022, 228–234, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/RTCSA55878.2022.00031
Hypervisor-Based Target Deployment Strategies for Time Predictability in Model-Based Development
Schade, F.; Dörr, T.; Becker, J.
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XANDAR: A holistic Cybersecurity Engineering Process for Safety-critical and Cyber-physical Systems
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Journal Articles
Wertstromkinematik – Produktionssysteme neu gedacht: Interdisziplinäres Forscherteam arbeitet an der Produktionstechnik der Zukunft (Teil 2)
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Conference Papers
XANDAR: X-by-Construction Design framework for Engineering Autonomous & Distributed Real-time Embedded Software Systems
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Journal Articles
Methodical approach for the development of a platform for the configuration and operation of turnkey production systems
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Conference Papers
Leveraging the Partial Reconfiguration Capability of FPGAs for Processor-Based Fail-Operational Systems
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Conference Papers
HLS-based Performance and Resource Optimization of Cryptographic Modules
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