Sino-EU Doctoral School for Sustainable Engineering (SESE)


SESE Summer School, hosted by KIT, 28th August – 02nd September, 2017


Focus: CO2 emissions reduction & green transportation for the future sustainable society development.

Approach: four leading universities from Europe and China will work as a team of professors in different areas by the Ph.D students exchange program and the cooperation between teams of different universities, such as the Battery system management of the EV vehicles, the low CO2 emissions of Boiler and IC engine combustions, the green buildings and transportations.

Vision: to promote the levels on the innovation and high quality on the Ph.D educations and the scientific research and development & to strengthen and benefit four universities. And hopefully with this cooperation bridge, more and more collaborative programs can be brought up.



Objectives & Expected Outcomes


Both China and the EU should make full use of resources of all partiesand close links between the two sides to achieve the complementary advantages of resources, strengthen the cooperation between research teams to create richer, more advanced scientific research. Such as: joint declaration Chinese National Natural Science Foundation of international cooperation projects and cooperation projects under the framework of the European Union.
Enhance both instructors dialogue and exchanges, endeavor to improve both the quality of doctoral training for the two parties to contribute to the construction of colleges and universities. Such as: Both Chinese and EU doctoral students can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship Program.
Based on the State of Art Fuel Cell Vehicles, EV vehicles and HEV leading research in China and world of the Tongji Univ. , and the areas in the engine and boiler combustion of HIT, the green building and transportation in Tongji Univ, it will be a good chance for the cooperative with European partners to make the advantages of those area studies exchange new ideas and innovations to promote a big progress in those areas research and Ph.D talents training.
Most National and NSFC projects had been issued in the above areas in HIT and Tongji Univ. Based on the support of SESE program, the joint universities will apply jointly in the new application from both sides’ government and industries. This will make the R&D programs a great jump from the current level.




In 2012, the Sino-European Platform of Engineering Education (S3EP), in order to further enhance cooperation between China and Europe, decided to establish the Sino-EU Doctoral School for Sustainable Engineering (SESE). The School goal is to include up to 10 Doctoral Areas (projects) involving S3EP partner universities. Each Doctoral Area must involve 2 to 4 S3EP members from China and Europe.



Event History


Events and International Exchange




SESE Summer School, hostet by HIT Lissabon, Portugal, 22th - 24th July, 2019




Further Impressions


SESE Summer School, hosted by Tongji University, Shanghai, 17th - 21th September, 2018


Further Impressions




SESE Summer School, hosted by KIT, 28th August - 2nd September, 2017


Further Impressions



SESE Summer School, hosted by Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), 29th August – 3rd September, 2016


Main Topics:
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Advanced Manufacturing / i4.0

Further Impressions

SESE Summer School, hosted by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), 18-19th October, 2015
27 participants
  • 16 Ph.D. students
  • 11 professors
Key Research Topics
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Eco-efficient Processes
  • Clean Energy Vehicles
  • Combustion
  • Research on Sustainability at IST/KIT/HIT
  • The Path to Zero Emissions of IC Engine for Vehicles (Tongji)


  • SESE Joint Conference 2015, April 9, Tongji, Shanghai



Opening Ceremony on 2014, 9th September

1st Summer School of SESE, hosted by Tongji University, Shanghai, Sept. 14-16 2014

  • Participants: 22 Participants from partner universities Tongji, HIT, KIT, IST
  • 15 PhD students, 6 faculties, 1 program coordinator
  • Key Research Topics: Sustainable Cities, Eco-efficient processes, Clean energy vehicles, Combustion, Materials


Partner Universities


  Tongji Universität CDHK, ME, Transportation


WU, Zhihong

Executive Dean

  Karlsruher Institut für Technologie KIT Institut für Technik der Informationsverarbeitung (ITIV)


Jürgen Becker

Head of Institute for Information Processing Technologies (ITIV)

  Harbin Institute of Technology School of Energy Science and Engineering


Zhao Guangbo


  Instituto Superior Técnico IST
Energy Initiative


Ferrão, Paulo

Coordinator of the IST Energy Initiative; Prof. of Mechanical Engineering