Development of an HVAC function using neural networks

  • Subject:deep learning, neural networks, cloudbased vehicle functions
  • Type:Bachelorarbeit
  • Date:ab 08 / 2023
  • Tutor:

    M. Sc. Daniel Baumann

Development of an HVAC function using neural networks

Otrace ITIV


In the context of this thesis, an HVAC function is to be implemented using neural networks. Different influencing factors such as the outside temperature, the number of people in the bus or the door opening can be taken into account.


Cloud-based outsourcing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) functions from the vehicle opens up new possibilities for increasing efficiency and optimizing resources. A promising implementation method for this function is the use of a neural network.


  • Programming experience in Python or C++
  • Basic knowledge of neural networks
  • Motivation and interest in solving technical problems independently