Implementation of functions for over-the-air communication

Implementation of functions for over-the-air communication

CloudbasierteFahrsysteme ITIV


Moving vehicle functions to a backend refers to the transition from traditional on-board systems to cloud-based solutions. Here, functions such as climate control are moved to a central, cloud-based environment. This is made possible by transferring data to the cloud quickly and efficiently. Fallback control remains in the vehicle to ensure that vehicle functions continue to be available in the event of a malfunction or disconnection of the connection to the cloud.


  • Research and concept to investigate SW architectures for vehicle networking deployment.
  • Implementation of fleet learning methods (portability).
  • Machine learning algorithms for data-driven parameter control from the cloud (remote control)


  • High level of self-motivation, independent and solution-oriented working style
  • Programming skills (Python, C++, ...) for implementation tasks
  • Experience with machine learning is an advantage