DevOps HiWi

DevOps HiWi

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Mentality is spreading in the automotive industry. Vehicle software and development processes must be adapted to DevOps principles. For this purpose, ITIV provides a novel and self-developed vehicle architecture that supports plug-and-play through service orientation. Take us to the next level, don't let DevOps become DevOops!


  • Build a CI/CD pipeline for Over-The-Air (OTA) updates or
  • Realize OTA-enabled updates or
  • Writing X-in-the-loop tests for hardware components or
  • Writing software tests for services or
  • Implementing a cloud edge architecture to offload services.


  • Programming skills in C++ and Python
  • Software engineering knowledge, including architecture patterns
  • Interest in CI/CD tools, including Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GitLab, Azure, Ansible, among others.
  • Telematics knowledge optional