Dr.-Ing.  Simon Claus Stock

Dr.-Ing. Simon Claus Stock

  • Engesserstr. 5

    76131 Karlsruhe

Dr.-Ing. Simon Stock


  • Geboren Mai 1991 in Aalen, Deutschland
  • Bachelorstudium der Elektro- und Informationstechnik am KIT
    • B.Sc. 2014 am Institut für Anthropomatik und Robotik (H2T)
    • Bachelorarbeit "Environment Perception Using 3D Active Sensing for a Wearable Robot Helmet"
  • Masterstudium der Elektro- und Informationstechnik am KIT
    • Vertiefungsrichtung "Systems Engineering"
    • M.Sc. 2017 bei der Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. in Dublin Kalifornien
    • Masterarbeit "Fully Automated Acquisition of 3D Optical-Coherence-Tomography Images in the Human Eye"
  • Mitarbeiter am ITIV seit November 2017 
  • Promotion im Januar 2022 „Objectivation of Visual Perception“


Betreuung des Labors für angewandte Machine Learning Algorithmen (LAMA)


  • Maschinelles Lernen
  • Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) und Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Computer Vision
  • Virtual und Augmented Reality
  • Ophthalmologie
  • App-Development in der Medizintechnik


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA, USA
  • David J Apple Laboratory – Heidelberg University Hospital; Heidelberg, Germany
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.; Dublin, CA, USA
  • Apic.ai; Karlsruhe, Germany

Betreute abgeschlossene studentische Arbeiten

  • MA: "Simulation Progressiver Augenkrankheiten mittels virtueller Realität"
  • MA: "Objekterkennung mittels Transfer Learning durch Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN): Eine Fallstudie zur automatisierten Mahlzeitenerkennung" (Collaborative MA by two Master-students)
  • BA: "Design and Prototyping of a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display with Adaptable Vergence and Accommodation"
  • BA: "Instance Segmentation of Objects Close to the User for Improved Perception in Augmented Reality Using Transfer Learning"
  • BA: "Gaze Estimation using Convolutional Autoencoders"
  • MA: "DeepBees: Using Multi-Task Learning for Joint Detection, Pose Estimation and Classification of Pollen Bearing Bees"
  • BA: "Prototyping and Implementation of a Smart Foot Bracelet for Navigation and Guidance Using Haptic Feedback"
  • BA: "Integration of pupil tracking in an ophthalmologic virtual reality application for improved immersion and pupil movement analysis"
  • BA: "Signal processing in Ophthalmology: How the Retina defines what we are seeing"
  • MA: "Highly Parallelized Rendering of the Retinal Image through a Computer Simulated Human Eye"
  • BA: "Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation of a Connected Distributed Load Measurement System"
  • MA: "Real Time Monitoring System for Laser Marking of Polymeric Materials"
  • BA: "Implementierung einer intuitiven Multimediaoberfläche für ein ophthalmologisches VR-Gerät"
  • MA: "Examining the Human Neuro-visual System using Electroencephalography: A Deep Learning Approach towards Objective Perimetry"
  • MA: "An Electroencephalography based System for Objective Refraction and Visual Acuity Assessment using Convolutional Neural Networks"
  • MA: "Ein Ansatz für Maschinelles Lernen in der Produktion: Ein Software-Framework zur Ausführung von künstlichen Neuronalen Netzen in C++"
  • MA: "Adaptive Gesture Control for Automotive Applications with Few-Shot-Learning"
  • MA: "Correction of choroidal and retinal thickness maps using widefield optical coherence tomography"
  • Seminar: "Artifact detection in electroencephalography signals for human brain computer interfaces"
  • MA: "A rapid prototyping approach to EEG electrodes for use in machine learning supported brain computer interfaces"
  • BA: "Exploring visual stimulation for brain-computer interfaces: A comparison of stimulus designs for ssvep-based applications"
  • BA: "Measurement of astigmatism using a SSVEP-based brain-computer-interface"
  • BA: "Comparison of convolutional neural network and canonical correlation analysis in ssvep-based brain-computer interfaces"
  • BA: "Visual re-identification of bumblebees returning from foraging trips"
  • BA: "Closed-loop user-experience in a brain-computer interface for neuro-visual experiments"
  • MA: "A cross-platform approach to brain-computer interfaces for monitoring and device control using augmented reality"
  • BA: "Development of a low-cost open-source electroencephalograph focused on scientific research"
  • MA: "Development of an automatic laser diode lifetime testing setup"
  • BA: "Key classification in music recordings using deep convolutional neural networks"
  • BA: "Detection and classification of higher cognitive functions with SSVEP using a brain-computer interface"
  • BA: "Artifact detection in an EEG-based BCI for the assessment of neuro-visual function"
  • BA: "Using brain computer interface for the recognition and classification of various mental states using neural networks"
  • MA: "Smart Home Raum-Sensor zur Personenverhaltenserkennung"
  • Seminar: "On steady-state visual evoked potential detection in short response time for human brain computer interfaces"
  • Seminar: "Quality assessment and noise estimation of EEG data"
  • BA: "Development of a firmware for an ophthalmologic VR-device towards the treatment of presbyopia by vergence and accommodation training"
  • MA: "Improving user experience and user interface by designing an optimized model for convoaid app"
  • MA: "EEG-based objective ADHD diagnosis using convolutional neural networks"
  • BA: "Investigating cognitive enhancement through binual beats utilizing brain-computer interfaces"