Comparison of optimization strategies on a bus depot

  • Subject:Physical modeling, Operations research, Optimization
  • Type:Bachelor-/ Masterarbeit
  • Date:immediately
  • Tutor:

    M. Sc. Vitus Lüntzel

Comparison of optimization strategies on a bus depot



On the search for sustainable mobility, public transport has a major role. Especially busses have mostly combustion engines still, which will have to be phased out in the next decade or two. For the public transportation companies, this mean huge restructuring of known processes on their bus depots, as all busses need to be operational in the morning, and only arrive late in the evening, fueling and charging might become bottlenecks. In order to accompany the RNV, a local public transportation company, different optimization strategies will be compared, enabling an efficient operation of their bus depot.

Goals of the work

  • Creation of an appropriate cost function

  • Implementation of different optimization strategies

  • Comparison of optimization strategies


  • Experience with Python, Matlab or an OR Language

  • Knowledge on modelling of system helpful

  • Motivation and interest in self-sufficient problem solving