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Projekt RAMSES



RAMSES combines product and process innovation, optimizing the communication between professionals and lays in health crises via remote access to smartphone data, providing comprehensive, deep information and images – a major improvement versus current best practice. Thus, RAMSES will save many lives and improve outcome and quality of life for people following health crises situations.



In an increasingly mobile but ageing society, people are increasingly facing difficulties in health crises situations. Professionals may face information gaps resulting in inefficient health care. To ensure correct diagnoses and to allow for informed, better decisions, reliable and comprehensive information is needed for professional services. RAMSES aims to provide accessibility to health data by remotely utilizing the smartphone as a smart health companion and data hub, enabling medical experts to proactively close their information gap and to access concrete information. With full control over the flow of information, medical care in health crisis situations can be provided more efficiently, saving lives especially in emergency situations. The project will provide the technical solution, Proof of Principle, Proof of Concept (POC), health economic and outcome research. RAMSES will focus on Germany as first market with international expansion by 2020. The RAMSES project team will leverage the EIT-Health community to gain deep EU market insights for development of RAMSES as a product and process innovation for an EU-wide application, agnostic or to be adapted to local systems.
RAMSES focuses on Germany as first market entry in Sudden Cardiac Arrest (EU expansion by 2020).
Target audience: Health Care Professionals, Patients with cardio-vascular (CV) disease, People with high CV risk and their family members, with a total market size of ~ 50 Mio people in Germany (~350 Mio in EU).
The 250 emergency dispatch centers that organize the emergency services in Germany (~1200 in EU) are the primary target audience for the remote access tool.


More: https://www.eithealth.eu/en_US/ramses