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Work Groups

Research Focuses of the Institute are in the fields of:


    • Embedded Electronic Systems (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. J. Becker)
      • System design for reconfigurable hardware in automotive technology
      • IP-based design of microelectronics for mobile communication systems
      • Hardware/Software codesign and architecture synthesis
      • Hardware synthesis and system-on-chip integration
      • Development and evaluation of optimized algorithms for 3D-Reconstruction on FPGAs and GPUs
      • New hard- and software architektures for the CMS Tracktrigger

    • Systems Engineering (Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Sax)
      • Processes and methods from "agil" to "V" for the design of Embedded Systems and System-Networks
      • Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of Embedded Electronic Systems, especially advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS)
      • Graphical tools and executable specifications
      • Safe and secure SW-architectures and EE-topologies
      • Big Data Analysis - Anomaly detection and data evaluation in the (commercial) vehicle



    • Microsystem Technology and Optics (Prof. Dr.rer.nat. W. Stork)
      • Microtechnical vital sensors
      • Telemetry
      • Ubiquitous computing
      • Wearable Computing 
      • Intraocular vision aid
      • Diffractive Bifocal Intraocular Lenses (IOL)
      • Industrial Sensors
      • Optik Design
      • Mixed fields (electrical, mechanical, optical) and nonlinear interactions