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Pupil Tracking in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Pupil Tracking in Augmented and Virtual Reality
type:Bachelor-/ Masterarbeit

M. Sc. Simon Stock

Pupil Tracking in Augmented and Virtual Reality

From https://pupil-labs.com/store/#vr-ar (June 2018)


The human eye is one of the most complex systems of the human body. The sense of seeing is the only way to perceive our environment over distance at a high resolution and many people will agree that it is the most important human sense.

To further understand the impact of vision and gaze a pupil tracking system has to be implemented into AR (Microsoft HoloLens) and VR (Oculus Rift, Microsoft Mixed Reality) applications. Such system will open up new research and science possibilities. Especially for the understanding of human perception.

The aim of this thesis is to integrate the open source solution for pupil tracking from the Berlin based startup ‘Pupil Labs’ and use it for further research on human vision and perception.



  • Integration and use of open source eye tracking algorithms
  • Integration of eye tracking into existing solutions
  • Science on eye tracking
    • Data Science/Data Mining
    • Machine Learning
    • Visual Neuroscience


Required skills

  • Studying Electrical Engineering or Informatics
  • Experience in C++/Python