Fabian Kempf, M.Sc.

  • Engesserstr. 5

    76131 Karlsruhe

Research interests

Runtime Adaptive Many-Core Architectures

Modern processors have to fulfill more and more conflicting requirements. Processors should not only become more and more powerful and efficient, but also more and more error-resistant. One solution to meet these conflicting requirements is adaptive processor architectures, which adapt to the requirements and the situation.  Through adaptivity at runtime, the best compromise between the requirements can be achieved during operation.

Fault tolerance mechanisms based on adaptive hardware redundancy

With the increasing automation of driving, the risk of electronic malfunctions in the vehicle leading to physical damage is rising. In this context, relevant components must therefore increasingly be designed in such a way that they reliably provide a defined minimum level of functionality despite such malfunctions. This requires the use of suitable fault tolerance mechanisms. We are researching the particularly cost-effective implementation of such mechanisms using adaptive hardware redundancy.

Reliable AI accelerators in safety-critical environments

The basis for autonomous driving and other safety-critical applications is reliable perception of the near environment using cameras, as well as radar and lidar sensors. Machine learning, e.g. Convolutional Neural Networks, provide the best results for object detection. The current challenge is to integrate these neural networks into embedded systems while ensuring reliability. In particular, random hardware faults in AI accelerators as well as the inability of neural networks to estimate their own uncertainty still prevent safety-critical deployment

Student works to be assigned

title type

Supervised student works (selection)

  • SA: “Fault Tolerance in Embedded Mixed Critical Systems”

  • BA: “Concept and implementation of a dynamic lockstep architecture for a LEON3 Many-Core System”

  • BA: “Concept and implementation of a cache-based fault-tolerant mechanism for the LEON3 processor”

  • MA: “Concept and Implementation of an adaptive cache architecture for a LEON3 Many-Core System”

  • MA: “Investigation of machine learning approaches for error detection in control flow based on bus snooping”


Conference Papers
A holistic hardware-software approach for fault-aware embedded systems
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2023. 2022 25th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD), 704–711, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/DSD57027.2022.00099
Conference Papers
Runtime Adaptive Cache Checkpointing for RISC Multi-Core Processors
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2022. Conference Proceedings: 2022 IEEE 35th International System-on-Chip Conference (SOCC) Ed.: S. Sezer, 1–6, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/SOCC56010.2022.9908110
Data Movement Reduction for DNN Accelerators: Enabling Dynamic Quantization Through an eFPGA
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Towards Reconfigurable Accelerators in HPC: Designing a Multipurpose eFPGA Tile for Heterogeneous SoCs
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Conference Papers
FLECSim-SoC: A Flexible End-to-End Co-Design Simulation Framework for System on Chips
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An Adaptive Lockstep Architecture for Mixed-Criticality Systems
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Conference Papers
Embedded Image Processing the European Way: A new platform for the future automotive market
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Journal Articles
Worst-Case Execution-Time-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Avionics Applications
Reder, S.; Kempf, F.; Bucher, H.; Becker, J.; Alefragis, P.; Voros, N.; Skalistis, S.; Derrien, S.; Puaut, I.; Oey, O.; Stripf, T.; Ferdinand, C.; David, C.; Ulbig, P.; Mueller, D.; Durak, U.
2019. Journal of aerospace information systems, 16 (11), 521–533. doi:10.2514/1.I010749
Conference Papers
A Network on Chip Adapter for Real-Time and Safety-Critical Applications
Kempf, F.; Anantharajaiah, N.; Masing, L.; Becker, J.
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Dynamic and scalable runtime block-based multicast routing for networks on chips
Anantharajaiah, N.; Kempf, F.; Masing, L.; Lesniak, F. M.; Becker, J.
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Conference Papers
Data Reduction and Readout Triggering in Particle Physics Experiments Using Neural Networks on FPGAs
Baehr, S.; Kempf, F.; Becker, J.
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Data Readout Triggering for Phase 2 of the Belle II Particle Detector Experiment Based on Neural Networks
Baehr, S.; Kempf, F.; Becker, J.
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