IoT Long Range Wide Area Network based Smart Metering Implementation

IoT Long Range Wide Area Network based Smart Metering Implementation



Electricity meters becomes very important component for smart grid operators, utilities and end-users. The Smart-e-Meter project proposes low cost, secure and adaptable technology that will facilitate the easy transition of power utilities from traditional metering system to state-of-the-art, smart metering systems while improving the efficiency and reliability of service delivery through automated mater reading, billing process, grid monitoring and power outage management.

Advancement in the Internet of Things (IoT) for remote monitoring and control using IoT devices gains much attention recently. Smart meters still face many challenges due to problems linked to communication mechanism such as operating cost, low date rate and low range. To address this issues, smart metering can be implemented with the LoRaWAN protocols.  

The thesis will focus on the design and implementation of electricity smart meters and remote monitoring applications, achieving reliable and scalable communication at low cost is key.



  • Smart meter design and implementation
  • Interface with LoRa module
  • Develop test bench for smart electricity meter


Required skills

  • Student of informatics or electrical engineering.
  • Electronics/Sensors/embedded system
  • C/C++ programming language.