X-by-Construction Design framework for Engineering Autonomous & Distributed Real-time Embedded Software Systems


  • Provide holistic design methods and architectures that guarantee non-functional properties “by construction” (XbC) throughout all phases of the software and system development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Improve development productivity and software quality with a reusable library of safety & security patterns, trusted HW/SW templates and monitoring mechanisms
  • Enable model-based design automation for trustworthy embedded software in critical environments
  • Provide an interoperable, trustworthy  and adaptive embedded HW/SW platform architecture that supports runtime platform health monitoring and self-healing capabilities
  • Verification and validation of functional and non-functional requirements using simulation & other V&V techniques to show the effectiveness of the XbC paradigm


Model-Based Design Flow

  • Seamless modeling, design, verification, and deployment of autonomous and distributed embedded applications
  • Safeguarding non-deterministic applications (e.g. AI) via configurable run-time monitors
  • Non-functional end-to-end guarantees via
    • model-based safety/security patterns and synthesis of service-oriented architecture
    • Verification and Validation Methods
    • XbC Code Generation and Deployment