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Data science for smart grid systems

  • Typ:Bachelor-/ Masterarbeit, Praktikum
  • Datum:offen (zu vergeben)
  • Betreuer:

    M. Eng. Gabriela Molinar

  • Zusatzfeld:

    We speak German and English

Data science for smart grid systems



Smart grid is today a keyword for the automation and intelligent use of the electrical network resources, in order to be more eco-friendly. The inclusion of renewable energy sources (RES) has shown to be a difficult task, because of our incapacity to control them. Therefore utilities had to take a new perspective for the management of the system, helping it to adapt and survive to any circumstances. Automated mechanisms to take advantage of maximum RES generation is of great importance and one of the key-points for the smart grid of the future.



We are looking for innovative students, which are motivated to help us construct the electrical grid of the future.

Between your tasks you’ll find:

  • Data analytics from real sensors
  • Feature engineering for machine learning models
  • Optimization of prediction models
  • Ideas generation in a diverse team of researchers and industrial partners

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