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Smart cranes – Collaborative cranes

  • Forschungsthema:Focus: ROS2, Linus RT, Connectivity, Web dev, Raspberry Pi, C/C++, Python, more...
  • Typ:Bachelorarbeit/ Masterarbeit/ HiWi
  • Datum:offen (zu vergeben)
  • Betreuer:

    M. Sc. Saifeddine Ben Haj Khalifa

Smart cranes – Collaborative cranes


In a world where every machine is getting more intelligent, cranes are

wishing the same advance. Building smart cranes has became a need

to keep pace with the digitalization wave of industry automation, production

and many other domains.

    A more challenging aspect is connecting cranes to each other and using

them to perform a collaborative lifting process.

    To evaluate this scenario, we are building a collaborative lifting demonstrator using mini cranes controlled by a wireless controller and/or a web dashboard.

    We are looking for 2 to 3 passionate students from electrical engineering, mechatronics

and computer science, who are interested in contributing to this demonstrator and who are willing to learn new things and apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom.



  • Co-working on building a crane demonstrator for collaborative lifting
  • Designing a dashboard to control the cranes
  • Wireless connection of the machines to each other
  • Reporting and Analysis of the benchmarking results


We are looking for

  • HiWis and students looking for thesis (BA/ MA)
  • Teamwork, motivation and new ideas
  • Enthusiastic, curious and independent students