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PhD Student in the field of smart meters based on IoT LPWAN protocols

PhD Student in the field of smart meters based on IoT LPWAN protocols


Do you want to help with the energy transition, not only in Germany but in other countries like in Ethiopia? As part of applied research project in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), we are currently looking for an ambitious PhD candidate with knowledge in Wireless Sensor Networks and communication protocols implementation. The work is part of the “Smart-e-Meter Africa” project, which is focused on the design and implementation of electricity smart meters and remote monitoring systems for distribution transformers. The goal of the project is to significantly simplify and accelerate the utility billing process for the electric utility industry.
The project aims for the implementation of smart meter embedded systems and the integration with LoRa sub-metering as end device. The power consumption data are collected and transmitted remotely to a server, where they will be stored and fed to a decision support and online monitoring system.
The topic of the PhD thesis is focused on designing scheduling techniques for LoRaWAN networks, the student has to address technical challenges in designing and optimisation of the LoRaWAN medium access protocol and physical parameter allocation for LoRaWAN scaling capabilities. In addition, back-end development for meter data management and distribution network monitoring system will be implemented. The evaluation/validation of the designed scheduling techniques is to be conducted first using simulation and emulation tools, second in the form of a Proof of Concept with a field test.

Education and Personnal Qualification

Master in Electrical engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science or related field.
Basic knowledge in networking concepts, communication protocols, development skills (C/C++, Java, Matlab, Python, scripting languages) are advantageous.
For further information, please contact M.Sc Dejenie Birile Gemeda, dejenie.gemeda∂  or Prof. W. Stork wilhelm.stork∂