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Adaptive Wireless Sensor Network for monitoring electrical networks

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  • Stellenart:

    Bachelor-/ Masterarbeit/ HiWi

  • Eintrittstermin:

    ab 03/ 2020

  • Kontaktperson:

    M. Eng. Gabriela Molinar

Adaptive Wireless Sensor Network for monitoring electrical networks



The constant increase of wind parks in north Germany and the fact that the greatest consumption centers are in the south of the country mean that more power has to be transported over thousands of kilometers. This leads to the construction of more transmission lines or a better use of the electrical network. The latter can be achieved with monitoring systems. A distributed sensor network should do the job.

In order to cover kilometers of overhead lines, the sensor network has to be wireless. The wireless communication has to be adaptive and flexible. In case one node fails, the data packages from the other sensor nodes are not lost.


Your tasks

  • To help us design this adaptive sensor network
  • Either to program at high level (developing an API) or at a low level with microcontrollers
  • To build a test bench for the wireless sensor network


What we expect from you

  • Motivation and creativity!
  • Student of electrical engineering, informatics or WiWi.