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Dipl.-Ing. Peter Figuli

Externer Doktorand
Gruppe: Prof. Becker
peter figuliBxi1∂kit edu

Engesserstr. 5

76131 Karlsruhe

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Figuli


  • Geboren im November 1981
  • Studium der Elektro- und Informationstechnik am KIT mit Schwerpunkt auf Systems Engineering
    • Diplom-Abschluss im Januar 2011
    • Thema der Diplomarbeit: Heterogene FPGA basierende DSP System on Chip Architektur
    • Thema der Studienarbeit: Entwicklung eines DSP-Systems zur digitalen Audiosignalverarbeitung





  • TEAChER: TEach AdvanCEd Reconfigurable architectures and tools
    Throughout the TEAChER project we aim to develop educational material for teaching topics related to the 2D and 3D reconfigurable architectures. More specifically, during these lessons we plan to address both architectural-oriented issues, topics related to CAD algorithms, as well as efficient ways for digital design with the usage of advanced programming languages. As there are different demands for training in this domain, the developed material will be appropriately tuned for the target audience, spanning from undergraduate studies up to PhD. For this purpose, we plan to prepare slides, presentation, books, CD/DVDs, as well as laboratory exercises for each of these topics. Apart from the conventional educational methods that will be taken into consideration during the preparation of this material, we aim to develop a virtual classroom, where students will have remote access both to theoretical, as well as laboratory infrastructure. Another outcome of this project is expected to be a number of workshops and summers schools, where Professors and key persons from related industry will give lectures.


Darunter, aber nicht ausschließlich, verfolge ich folgende Forschungsthemen:

  • Rekonfigurierbare Architekturen
  • Virtueller FPGA
  • Heterogene SoC
  • Effizienzsteigerung eingebetteter Systeme