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Timing and Fast Control System Prototype Development

Timing and Fast Control System Prototype Development
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ab 03/ 2020


M. Sc. Vladimir Sidorenko

Timing and Fast Control System Prototype Development



    The Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment will be one of the major scientific pillars of the future Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Darmstadt. The experiment aims to expanding our knowledge about the matter itself, which requires very fast and radiation hard detectors, a novel data read-out and analysis concept including free streaming front-end electronics, and a high performance computing cluster for online event selection.


    One of the most important electronic subsystems in the experiment is the Timing and Fast Control (TFC) subsystem that is being developed at ITIV. Its task is to make front-end electronics and data processing nodes operate synchronously, so that the data stream is consistent and organised, as well as orchestrate the data acquisition process as a whole by the means of a fast control network, which monitors states of the nodes and quickly reacts to special condition when intervention is required.


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Code development and refactoring within an embedded firmware project (plain C)
  • Implementation of software and hardware modules when needed (Python, VHDL)
  • Porting of the design to new hardware platforms



  • Basic HDL programming skills
  • Embedded C programming skills
  • Fluent English